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December 18th, 2020

Hello, today’s 2-minute tech talk is talking about goals and leads.

While they are synonymous for some people we need to be to understand that they are definitely separated especially when you are talking about your CRM. So if you use Zoho Spot Connect Franchise Soft Force Naranja FRMMax then you need to make sure that what you have in your CRM are actually leads and not goals that were possibly objectives that were set up when your campaigns were run.

I am talking mostly about Facebook and Linkedin but also applies to your website.  If you have an objective, which is 3 minutes on your website, fan accrual, or link clicks, that is not a goal. A goal in the truest sense of the word is a lead that hits your CRM with a name or an email and hopefully a phone number and hopefully if they can afford your franchise concept and anything else is just a goal. 

So when we built our platform. We made some recent modifications so you can take a look at this screenshot. Now, you can see down at the bottom that there is a traffic campaign. Which is an amazing campaign to run if you need to get eyes on your brand knowing that it takes multiple touches. And so, you can see that campaign is running there and you can see on the far right that there were 2200 goals but those are not leads so your cost per lead is not applicable.

However, down at the bottom there are Facebook form fills and web leads.  Both of those put the data into the CRM so they are leads so then you have cost per lead and those conversions match. At the end of the day, what you have through your website and all of your other campaigns as far as leads should perfectly match what is in your CRM and they should have the campaign that brought them there. If they don’t, then your cost per acquisition, cost per lead, your conversion rates, everything is going to be incorrect. 

If you want some help with it feel free to leave me a message down below. Have a Merry Christmas. Everyone take care. 

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