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Combining state of the art dashboards with education & coaching, Internet Strategy Labs helps you create a single source of truth for your brand.

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The Insights Engine

When we closed our digital agency 7 years ago to build our advanced marketing analytics dashboard, we made a strategic decision to solely focus on data collection and helping brands understand their data and what needed to be fixed. When you can show a business what needs fixing without being on the receiving end of that work, you gain trust very fast!

Because we’re data scientists, we heavily rely on our Strategic Partners as they can deploy changes and improvements for our customers. Many of our Strategic Partners use our dashboard to better serve their customers. Agency’s can sell faster and deeper when they rely on our dashboard to audit, identify, and improve the digital marketing services for their clients.

Our customer interaction always starts with our dashboard and an audit. From the audit, we create baselines and task lists and help brands get to work addressing issues that are hindering the brand. Our dashboard is the core tool used to educate, train, monitor, and improve our customers business. Our training, education, and bootcamps are all centered around the business intelligence gathering of The Engine.


“Military Veterans are among our most successful PuroClean franchisees so we want to do everything we can to quickly expand their ranks. The tools provided by Veteran Stats, such as daily alerts, regular audits and campaign performance, help us do exactly that.”

Steve White, President Puroclean

“I’ve worked with Jimmy for more than a decade. He’s one of the brightest minds in franchising and has a total command of his craft! And his analytics strategies have continued to increase in value and benefit over the years.”

Jamie Davis, FirstLight Home Care

“Very recently, our page load speed skyrocketed! Thanks to the alert we received from the Engine, our website was quickly updated which saved us in ad spend because we fixed it so fast. We’ve trusted Jimmy’s software & consultation going on eleven years now.”

Alicia Linden - Director, Marketing, Dream Vacations

“As an agency, one critical piece that’s always missing is a full view of all Digital Marketing metrics. Our Solution is The Insights Engine as it not only provides an agency roll-up, but daily alerts keeping our clients budgets and ad spend operating in the black!”

Liane Caruso, CFE, Hello CMO

The Role Of Advocacy

When you have the data and know what the strategy should be, you’re in a position of control & power. We take this aspect of our job very, very seriously and our sole mission is to be advocates for our small business clients, their agency partners, and our agency partners.

We hate hearing about a brand not having access to their data. We hate hearing an agency being held under the fire from a brand for an issue they are not in control of. We hate hearing brands say they are on their third website or agency in the last x years.

With data comes control & governance and we take our coaching, analysis, and partnerships very serious. Our mission is to break down the barriers and silo’s that exist between brands, staff, agencies, and vendors because we feel with data & strategy, we can all work together much more successfully. Learn more about our mission here.

We work to save you hours of stress.

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