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Creating All The Key Campaign Tags For FranDev

What percentage of your leads in your CRM has a campaign name or source?

Does the name of the web form show up with the submission in the CRM?

If your answers are less than 80% and I don’t know, then this tech talk may be the best 2 minutes you spend today.

The average frandev marketing strategy should have at least a dozen campaign tracking URLs that end up in the CRM along with the web form title. Whether they come from your member profile on IFA or Vet Fran or on your veteran page and a completed web form just for veterans, your SMS, email, and phone calls can include a thank you for your service, what did you do, and in what branch? The ability to immediately connect with them, even if it’s digitally first, it is very very profound.

Can you imagine a drip campaign follow-up that takes either the campaign field and maybe also the form name that it was generated from and creates a custom drip? Let’s say you own an auto repair franchise and you run a conversion campaign on LinkedIn targeting a highly specific audience like Cadillac car dealerships. Your campaign name and the landing page form name hits the CRM then your drip starts like this: Hey Jack Monson!

I see you currently own an auto repair shop specializing in Cadillac repair and you’re interested in converting your business. This way an autoresponder or drip or first phone call from a recruiter can be personal and impactful and I guarantee your contact rates will skyrocket.

And if you use Zoho Spot Connect Franchise Soft Force Naranja FRM Max, you’ll easily be able to use campaign tags like this to your brand’s benefit. And don’t get me started on the insanely high degree of lead and acquisition attribution you’ll have like never before.

If you would like a copy of the twelve campaign URLs best used for franchise recruitment. Contact us. Take care.

“The more you tag, the more you know and the more you know about leads, the better your lead flow.”

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