Cosmetic Company Sales Growth

Client Background Information:

Le Métier de Beauté launched in 2008, after top industry makeup artists partnered with world-class chemists to create skincare-enriched makeup. The resulting collection of high-performance makeup was an instant success; and, with the later addition of a scientifically advanced skincare collection, the Le Métier de Beauté brand was complete.

Cosmetic Company Breaks 4 Sales Records in Q4

Le Métier de Beauté, an LA & NYC based cosmetic company, utilizes several online portals to sell their products. Being introduced to the brand by a mutual client last year, we set out to help the brand capitalize on their amazing skin care line.

Customer Challenge

Lemetier has been on a comeback journey with amazing products and a very loyal fanbase that was used to seeing products in top retail outlets across the nation. When these partnerships ceased, a major revenue channel greatly impacted incoming revenue & the company was struggling. Major factors were impeding growth:

  1. Email was one of the only revenue channels
  2. Email delivery & open rates were quite low
  3. Our audits revealed some Shopify performance issues
  4. Campaign tracking was quite limited so performance metrics made assessment challenging

Solution & Implementation

Using our Insights Engine platform coupled with our coaching, our teams went to work adding campaign tracking to all outbound emails. We quickly understood delivery rates were in the single digits. After resolving domain issues and implementing new email templates, delivery rates & open rates sky rocketed revenue.

Next we turned our attention to the fact that only one main revenue channel existed. We recommended starting Google Ads and within a matter of months, great strides were made adding a brand new revenue channel.

More traffic meant more sales which increased SEO value & repeat business. We also recommended optimizing Google Business Profile which also had a positive impact on domain value & increased organic traffic.

Q4 Revenue By Channel
Q4 Revenue By Channel

End Results & Success

Within 60 days of our audit, all optimization & implementations were in place which setup the company for more revenue coming from more channels than ever before. When you can capitalize on the “energy” and momentum from multiple channels all working together, significant strides can be made.

Q4 sales records are as follows:

  1. Highest Single Day Sales (31 Oct 2022)
  2. Biggest BFCM in Company History
  3. Highest YOY revenue for NOV
  4. Best Sales Qtr in Company History

If you feel like your brand may be missing out on revenue due to website or campaign performance, take our self-serve audit & let the Insights Engine score your site and channels. Within minutes, you’ll receive business intelligence insights all geared to improve performance and increase revenue.

"The dashboard helped us optimize and open more channels which positioned the company to set four Q4 Sales Records"

John Diamond

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