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December 24th, 2020

Are you fishing for leads or are you strategically hunting?

Fishing is easy as you know. You put your bait in the water and you pull up everything from carp, tarps, and tires. But if you are really hunting for leads there are some really big differences in your approach. Here are the 5 tactics to a better hunter:

#1 Add campaign tags to everything. Organic social media posts, Entrepreneur Magazine, IFA and VetFran member portal, and of course every paid ad you run. Recruiters can connect instantly with prospects if they know a little bit more about where they came from.

#2 Put your investment requirements on every form on your website. If you are not qualifying them before they fill up your funnel you are going to miss real prospects. My friend Marcos talked this just the other day be bold, be confident, focus on qualified contact rate conversions are easy but contacted and verbally qualified prospects are what keeps brands growing.

#3 Don’t run paid ads after hours ever. It’s already tough enough to get hold of people. So you need to call them right after they submit a form. So look at the screenshot below. 71% of prospects from Facebook came after hours. This is something you can control. Facebook stinks worse than ever so why would you make things worse by running your ads with the majority of them coming at night where it is more difficult to contact.

#4 Track Contract rates by source. Hunters send leads directly copies of it directly into your software. So you can measure contact rates by source instead of just sending them to the CRM and then maybe the CRM sends them to the contact software where the data is stripped out – not good.

#5 Look at your Data. Leads by source and campaign; contact rates by source, and by device type. All of this data should guide where your focus and ad spend should be going. If you can’t run contact rates by source or leads by source or acquisition by source, you are definitely not hunting because you can’t make decisions without looking at that specific data. If you want to be a better hunter next year and want help investigating 2020 metrics respond with a BOOM in the comments below. Take care.

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