Hello, if you are using an autoresponder email when a prospect completes a form and don’t know what your open rate is, stop everything you are doing and find out.

If you have to pick yourself up off the floor when you see the tracking data, read on because I have a solution for you. Also, if you are sending from a Zoho Spot Connect Franchise Soft Force Naranja FRMMax and your first email goes to the recipients’ spam folder, SO WILL ALL of your drip workflow emails.

CRMs are typically not as capable as email services as Constant Contact or Mailchimp. But there are ways to make your CRM emails get through an inbox with a much higher success rate. I sat in an amazing email workshop with my friend, Emanuel, and his approach to the very first email is insanely brilliant.

Here is the tactic: send a short plain text email, no HTML, no images, no links, with simply a thank you and ask them how best to reach them. That’s it. Super simple.

Free of all the red flags that IPs use to block those emails. And the most important goal for an email campaign is to set the recipient contact list with your email address in it and to increase the likelihood of getting it open. Right?

That is the mission. Once this happens, your email address is now identified as a proper contact and it’s safe from the spam folder. Now you can begin more comfortably sending links to your calendar, images, and other links within or outside your brand website. There are also really good contact softwares that are already sending autoresponder SMS messages that could also send your first contact email message with tracking and open rate.

If you are not tracking your email open rates and click-through rates, get out of the Dark Ages. And if you are not sending a very plain text, non HTML contact letter now is the time.

As always if you have any questions hit me up in the comments section below.

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