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April 11th, 2013

With hundreds of social channels out there, which should your brand focus on? Well, the solution is not as easy as asking where are my potential customers? Social media has several purposes and each channel has a different structure, strategy and demographic. Google+ had 90 million unique visitors with 70% of them being men. Pinterest had 32 million users and 74% of them being women.

Here are the top questions to ask yourself when determining what social channels to concentrate on:

  1. what is my purpose for using this social channels?
  2. is it for customer service?
  3. is it for community building?
  4. is it for foundation building?
  5. is it self-promotional?

Your social channels should be directly in line with your company goals and business objectives and you should have a marketing plan in place prior to digging in to social sphere.


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