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December 7th, 2020


In today’s 2- minute tech talk, I’ll show the top culprits to high bounce rate and traffic bleed. 10 years ago our clients had a 40% bounce rate on WordPress websites, and that was largely because we didn’t have all the cool plugins we do today and because we dissected visitor patterns and became very very educated about click-through rates on the homepage. On average, 80% of your frandev site traffic is a brand new visitor to your site.

Is your homepage filled with webforms, scrolling image sliders, cool digit scrollers, download kits, blog articles, multiple videos and so forth?

Have you skipped dating? Have you already dropped to your knee? Okay, let’s get started.

1: Social Media links in the header – They just arrived. Why not send them a link sending them away? Fix it right now, put it in the footer only and save yourself what could be a 5% traffic bleed.

2: Awards and Other Outbound Links – Congratulations on your best in category. How about another link sending them away from your website where they can learn more about your award and maybe even other brands’ awards. Fix it right now, remove the outbound link and send them to an interior page with all of your awards.

3: A Link to a Corporate Site – In most cases 20-30% of your traffic comes from a microsite or a brand site. You made a solid enough case to earn the click, so sell them do not expel them.

4: Webforms on the Homepage – Trust me, first-time visitors are not to provide their financial status or where they want to open a location. This will turn off first-timers and when you include that little captcha code that’s two more plugins to slow down your page load speed. For the other 6 culprits leave a little note in the comments below and I will send it right away. Have a great day.

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