Our Mission Statement

Internet Strategy Labs delivers clear marketing analytics through our SaaS dashboard solution. The Insights Engine is easy to use and makes understanding data easier for businesses and individuals around the world by combining multiple data points all in one place. Our platform is designed around our mission to help professionals create effective marketing strategies based on straightforward data analysis while providing them with access to the skills, resources, and tools they need to understand the results and drive success.

Company Bio

The idea behind Internet Strategy Labs germinated in 2001 when Founder & CEO Jimmy Weeks left a six-figure job in print media advertising to start a web development company in response to increasing client interest in online presence. By 2010, the company built its first analytics dashboard, then utilized as an internal tool for collecting Google Analytics and ranking reports for franchises.

Simultaneously, the company had grown significantly and Jimmy and his team were developing high performance websites for some of the largest brands in the world. It was during this time, while beginning to support larger clients, including a several-hundred territory-strong franchise, that Jimmy met Regina Clayton, Internet Strategy Labs’ newly appointed President. In 2014, Jimmy ceased website development in order to take the company’s dashboard, originally designed for franchises, to new heights by developing an SaaS platform with tailored dashboards for agencies, small business, military veteran-run business, and eCommerce.

Demand for Internet Strategy Labs’ analytics dashboard skyrocketed to unprecedented levels in 2020 when the unexpected impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic forced a significant number of clients to begin monitoring and troubleshooting their digital footprint internally. In order to meet this demand and provide clients with the best service possible, Internet Strategy Labs added new dashboard features including alerts and recommendations that not only gave marketing directors a safety net, but also provided them with regular audits and a practical checklist to work from.

In the summer of 2021, Jimmy and his team super-charged Internet Strategy Labs’ SaaS solution when they made their tailored analytics dashboards for franchises, agencies, military veteran-run and e-commerce websites available on one platform, The Insights Engine. Now an official Grow with Google partner, Internet Strategy Labs is quickly becoming an industry powerhouse.

Our Team

Take a minute and get to know the people that are committed to making analytics easier for you. They believe in the power of a unified platform and they believe your time is valuable, which is why they work to save you hours of stress.

Jimmy Weeks
Jimmy WeeksCEO & Founder
Jimmy is a Google Analytics and Adwords certified individual who has spoken across the nation on topics related to Internet marketing, social media strategy, and advanced analytics.
Regina Clayton
Regina ClaytonPresident
Regina has held many leadership positions over her 25+ year career. She is dedicated to helping businesses overcome their challenges.
Paul Wolbert
Paul WolbertCOO
With over four decades of experience in franchise operations and administration, Paul has a balanced perspective of the entrepreneurial world.
David Yachouh
David YachouhDirector of Programming
David has over 8 years of experience in the IT industry, primarily as a Software Developer, working with a diverse set of businesses to deliver innovative, feature-rich applications for web, mobile, and desktop.