FranDev Funnel Workshop

Grow your brand with more qualified prospects in every stage of your funnel.

July 10th / 1-2 EDT

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Self Audit

Use our free self serve audit tool for top of funnel score.


Bring your score, questions and funnel challenges.


Get a personalized funnel fix toolkit.

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Webinar Speakers

Totalling over a century of franchising experience, our panel will be led by Mr Keith Gerson. We'll pull from Keith's franchise development experience along with views from Tim Courtney & David Bloom and we'll compliment the discussion with an analytics focused data perspective from Jimmy.

Keith Gerson

Cohost - Moderator

Tim Courtney


David Bloom


Jimmy Weeks

Cohost - Panelist

The Workshop

Whether you have 10 locations or 1,000, you won't want to miss this workshop! We'll provide industry best practices specific to your brand along with incredible tips and tactics that have helped brands and suppliers deliver best in class results. From analog appointment setting to AI driven lead qualifiers to multiple persona audiences, we have all the statistical data for you to understand where you stand in the crowd and what you need to do to improve sales and fill and crush your funnel.

  1. Financial Qualifiers - when and how to use them.
  2. Territory Availability - when and how to use them
  3. Booking Appointments - how to use technology from analog to AI
  4. Kept Appointments - tactics to greatly reduce no-shows & cancels
  5. Rescheduling Appointments - the unsung (and under utilized) hero of AI lead qualifiers
  6. Franchise Applications - your golden prospects: how to find more - hint: (source/campaign)
  7. Deals - dissecting the data & details to "find" more of your tribe
  8. Personas - we'll cover the 4-5 personas every brand should use in sms + email templates

The Toolkit

CRM Stages

Your kit will include the key pipeline stages your brand should utilize to have a proper deal funnel.


Your kit will include details on how to use web forms to better indentify specific information crucial to targeted outreach. Veterans, conversions, resales, multi-unicorns, and more.

Email/SMS Templates

Using field data from personas, you will be able to modify these templates to better connect with candidates based upon their demographics.

DQ Reasons

We've curated proper DQ reasons that work seamlessly with these advanced funnel stages and email/sms templates.

CRM Fields

Now that you're CRM can collect more user info than ever before, we need custom CRM fields to hold the data so we can create amazing funnels.

Audit Your Top Funnel

No customized funnel clinic would be proper without a top of funnel assessment. As part of the clinic, you'll be able to run your own 26 point self serve audit by simply linking your Google Analytics credentials. By the time we start the clinic, you'll know any issues related to filling your top funnel stage!

Successful clients spanning 22 years

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