Is Your Recruitment Website Tuned Up & Ready?

Are you making the most out of every earned website visit?

We Can Help You Better Understand Your Prospects!

In Page Analytics

Track, Measure, and Improve every page and feature. Understand what is working and what needs to be adjusted

Funnel Optimization

See what fields users spend the most time on and more importantly what makes them leave the form and website!

Adwords & Facebook Ads

Access real-time data for Google Adwords & Facebook Ads. Never guess what CPC and CPL is for all of your campaigns!

Social Monitoring

Track posts, tweets, and videos and determine social reach, social fan growth, and social reputation/ratings!

Heat Maps & Drop Reports

See where visitors are clicking (or leaving) and how many seconds they spend on fields in forms.

Watch & Learn

This video touches upon the major benefits of our platform. See what SMART can do for you.

How Our Website Tune-up Works...

With all your metrics in one place, we'll work together helping you identify opportunities to improve, provide your team with a list of items to address, and review the success of improvements.


    Connect all analytics to our platform for instant access to 15 months of data. Install provided scripts for heat mapping & form/funnel testing.


    Using our 30 point audit checklist, we'll get to the heart of your metrics and immediately provide recommendations to improve lead flow.


    Weekly meetings & reports will review changes and improvements as they're made to ensure maximum conversion optimization.

  • Campaign Sources

    Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, portals, and search engines are all tracked & measured in one platform with CPC, CPL, and conversion rates clearly defined!

  • Improvement StrategiesHeat Maps

    Knowing exactly what visitors are doing on your pages and forms are crucial to tweaking your message and graphics to make more out of existing traffic!

  • Form & Funnel Reports

    Determine what fields on your forms are problem areas for your'll be surprised at what could be hindering lead flow!

  • Social Media Overview

    SMART collects and measures social media ROI and social conversion rates along with social network growth, social ratings & reputation, and activity.

  • Phone & SMS Metrics

    Listen to recruitment calls and grade recruitment efforts. See what cities are generating phone calls. Track SMS text efforts and capitalize on newest communication platform!

  • Regional Targeting

    Need to focus on a city or region? Our platform can help pinpoint opportunities and areas for growth!

In addition to the analysis, we'll provide you with a tracking phone number, SMS text number, heat mapping solution, and form field monitoring for the rest of 2017!

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Our Current (but growing) List of Integrations

We've worked to incorporate the integrations that matter most to franchisors like you, and we're working on new ones every day. When it comes to analytics that can help you reach your goals, we've got your valued metrics all under one roof!

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