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Why Businesses NEED To Be Re-marketing!

How To Create A Strategy For Re-engaging Your Traffic In reviewing visitor patterns in franchise websites, we know, on average only 15% of the traffic is returning to the website after their first visit. We also know that over 75% of the leads come from traffic that has visited the website more than once. So,…

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Heat Mapping Technology

Our proprietary Conversion Maximizer Software Suite allows us to visualize visitors’ interactions with your website. We can maximize your site’s potential as we reveal your visitors’ mouse moves, clicks, and scrolls with in-page web analytics. Coupled with an advanced Google Analytics integration, we can discover what simple webpage changes will dramatically increase conversion rates. Key…

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Choosing The Proper Social Media Channels

With hundreds of social channels out there, which should your brand focus on? Well, the solution is not as easy as asking where are my potential customers? Social media has several purposes and each channel has a different structure, strategy and demographic. Google+ had 90 million unique visitors with 70% of them being men. Pinterest…

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